Designed by the creators of Coffee Masters™ – Roast Masters™ will be back and better than ever at The Milan Coffee Festival 2022, 12 – 14 November 2022.

20 Italy’s finest roasters will form the line-up, battling head-to-head for the coveted Roast Masters™ title. The competition, formed of three disciplines taking place over three days, showcases excellence in coffee roasting and espresso blending in a fast-paced, dynamic live setting.

Put through their paces by a panel of industry-leading judges, in front of a crowd, this is the ultimate test of skill, know-how, commercial aptitude and showmanship. This is a unique opportunity to excel in front of key industry players and an international audience.

With a global outlook and a unique, fresh format, this cutting-edge tournament seeks to find, test and celebrate the best specialty coffee roasters on the planet.

A new set of rules and disciplines will be released shortly for Roast Masters 2022.

In the meantime, you can explore below the former competition format.

The Disciplines

The Single Origin

A cupping challenge with a twist. Competing roasters will receive 5kg of the same green coffee beans one month before the event – enough time to create and develop a unique roasting profile.

At Roast Masters in New York, the expert judges will blind-cup the resulting coffees side by side across three Group Heats, live, whilst the Roasters presents their profile to the panel.

Judges will score the coffees at the time of cupping, according to a range of criteria.

The Espresso Blend

It’s up to the roasters to bring their own coffee to the table and present a unique espresso blend.

Each roaster has 10 minutes to present 6 coffees – 2 espressos, 2 dairy coffees and 2 non-dairy plant based coffees – to the judges and explain both the taste profile and commercial rationales behind the blend. The commercial espresso blend wholesale price must be under $25 per kg to qualify.

Points will be allocated according to a range of criteria, including taste, presentation and showmanship.

The Pour Over

For the last and final round, roasters should ask themselves the question, how far can you take coffee? As they compete to deliver the ‘ultimate’ pour-over experience.

Six finalists will have 15 minutes to present and serve their unique filter roast, brewed using the pour over method and recipe of their choice. The chosen method should demonstrate creativity, innovation and just how far they’re able to push the boundaries.

Points will be allocated for taste, methodology, coffee knowledge and showmanship.

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