Congratulations to Vannelli, winners of The Milan Coffee Festival’s Roast Masters™.

Taking place from 12 – 14 November 2022 at venue Superstudio Più, the competition was at the festival’s centre, with 11 roasters from across Italy and the US attempting to impress judges Chiara Bergonzi, Gabriele Limosani and Helena Oliviero.

This year at MCF, 11 of Italy’s best specialty roasters will compete in teams in a fast-paced, head-to-head, knockout tournament:

1 The Espresso Smackdown

Competitors bring 3 coffees (a light and a medium single origin, and a blend)
Head-to-head format, 3 rounds (light vs light, medium vs medium, blend vs blend)
Best tasting coffees win each round (best of 3)

2 The Latte Art Showdown

Spin the roulette, get assigned a shape
Pour and win! (best of 3)
Judged on appearance and taste

3 The Brew Faceoff

1 coffee, filter roast
Presented in 2 minutes
Judged on taste, presentation and showmanship

4 The Signature Drink

15 mins to create a signature beverage
Mystery ingredients provided on the day
Judged on taste, creativity, professionalism, presentation and showmanship

Put through their paces by a panel of industry-leading judges in front of a crowd, this is the ultimate test of skills, know-how and commercial aptitude. This is a unique opportunity to excel in front of key industry players and an international audience.

We can’t wait to welcome back Vannelli to our next Roast Masters in Amsterdam on 30 March – 01 April 2023.