Judges Revealed

The line-up of roasters competing in the first Roast Masters tournament has landed.For its inaugural launch at The Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2019, Roast Masters will bring some of the most sought-after roasters from around the Benelux and the rest of the world.

So, which panel of industry-leading judges are left with the incredible task of handpicking the best roaster? Here,  we proudly announce the 2019 Roast Masters™ judges:

The Judges


Owner, Swedish barista and Brewers Cup champion, Koppi



Anne Lunell is a Swedish barista champion and the visionary behind Koppi, an internationally respected and well-loved coffee roaster in the Swedish town of Helsingborg, which she founded in 2007 with Charles Nystrand.




Head barista and 2nd World Cup Tasters Championship 2018, Mocca d’Or



Niels te Vaanhold has been in the coffee industry for six years, and is currently head barista for the Dutch coffee roasting company MOcca d’Or.
Demonstrating his exceptional coffee creds in 2018, Niels took the competition circuit by storm: placing 2nd in the prestigious World Cup Tasters Championship, 4th in the Dutch Brewers Cup and is current Champion of Dutch Cup Tasters Championship.




Roaster and owner, Gardelli Specialty Coffees




Currently WCE World Coffee Roasting Champion (2018), Rubens Gardelli almost needs no introduction. He is owner of Gardelli Specialty Coffee, a specialty coffee roasters based in Italy known for its distinct and expert approach to roasting.
Rubens has won numerous titles during his time in coffee, including WCE Italy Coffee Roasting Championship (2014, 2016, 2017) and Italy Brewers Cup (2014, 2015).




Owners,  Veloso Green Coffee



All the way from Brazil, we would also like to extend a special warm welcome to Mariana and Pedro Henrique Veloso. Their father Pedro Humberto Veloso founded the Veloso Coffee farm located in the Cerrado Mineiro region in 1977 and it is now one the largest family managed farms in Brazil. Sourcing their coffees worldwide, Daarnhouwer has built a close relationship with Veloso family. Therefore Mariana and Pedro will not only be judging this cutting-edge tournament which aims to celebrate the best specialty coffee roasters on the planet, but will also provide the single origin coffee used by all the roasters in this competition.